Why reconstructive surgeons are best for cosmetic procedures


Have you ever heard the saying, “Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square”? It’s the same with plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons — every plastic surgeon can perform cosmetic procedures, but not every cosmetic surgeon can perform the same procedures as a plastic surgeon.

Why? Because plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Tenley Lawton in Newport Beach, are also reconstructive surgeons. That means they have the extensive training necessary to actually restore parts of the body that may have been damaged in an accident or impacted by disease.

That training and experience makes them the best option for purely cosmetic procedures as well, such as a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or facelift.

Would you rather have a surgeon whose experience is limited to placing breast implants, or one who is an expert at reconstructing breasts as well? The latter — that is, a board-certified plastic surgeon — can not only provide you with the results you desire for straightforward procedures, but they have the full understanding necessary to handle unique situations and any complications that may arise.

It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of patients who have undergone procedures with providers that aren’t board-certified, that simply don’t have the experience and expertise of a surgeon who has gone through years of schooling and demonstrated the ability to perform at a professional level.

Choosing the right surgeon is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when considering any cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Don’t trust your body to anyone other than a certified, credentialed plastic surgeon.

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