Non-Surgical Double-Chin Reduction

Even if you’ve worked hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, it’s common for stubborn fat to stick around, especially in areas like under your chin. This is called submental fat and is a common pain point for people who have lost weight. If you struggle with an unwanted double chin, KYBELLA® may be the answer for you. KYBELLA® can melt away extra fat beneath the chin and help to contour your jawline.

At the office of Dr. Tenley Lawton, KYBELLA® is a popular non-surgical option for men and women struggling with extra fat below the chin. Many people with stubborn submental fat have found success with this treatment, and it’s especially ideal for busy patients who may not wish for the downtime of surgery.

KYBELLA® is FDA approved for improving the appearance of moderate to severe submental fat. KYBELLA® is the first injectable double-chin reduction treatment approved by the FDA.

How Does KYBELLA® Work?

KYBELLA® is a manufactured form of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance naturally produced by your body and used to help metabolize fat.

At the start of treatment, Dr. Lawton will precisely mark the areas she’ll be treating on your neck and chin. This ensures that the treatment is administered evenly and smoothly so you can see the best possible results. When it’s time for the treatment, a small amount of KYBELLA® is administered into the selected areas.

When KYBELLA® is injected into the fatty tissue, the deoxycholic acid breaks apart the membrane of the fat cells. The treated cells are then processed and removed naturally by the body in the weeks following your treatment.

Consultations Available Now

The first step is to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Lawton or one of our trusted providers at Tenley K Lawton M.D. in Newport Beach, CA. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you promptly to schedule your appointment.

Am I A Good Candidate for KYBELLA®?

If you have unwanted fat below your chin and are not interested in surgical intervention, you may be a good candidate for KYBELLA®. KYBELLA® works best for those with good skin elasticity because this treatment reduces fat, but does not tighten the skin. Dr. Lawton will work with you to determine if non-surgical fat reduction is your best option, or if you’d receive better results with a liposuction procedure.

How Long Does A Typical Treatment Take?

KYBELLA® treatments usually take 20-30 minutes. You can receive your KYBELLA® treatment on your lunch break if you so choose.

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What Results Will I See?

You should start to see initial results after about 2 KYBELLA® treatments. There will be a notable decrease in submental fat, and your jawline will be better defined. Ideal results are achieved after about 2-4 sessions. Once you achieve your final results, KYBELLA® does not require maintenance treatments so long as a healthy diet and exercise routine are maintained. The results should be long-lasting.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime after KYBELLA®. You may notice slight bruising and swelling at the injection site for a few days after treatment, but this will subside quickly and will not keep you from returning to your regular activities.