A Tummy Tuck Offers More than Just Superficial Benefits


People often associate plastic surgery with purely superficial benefits. The truth is, the literal cosmetic results often pale in comparison to the physical, mental and psychological effects associated with self-improvement. This sentiment rings especially true with procedures like a tummy tuck, which can have collateral benefits outside of a tight, smooth, flat stomach.

Though a tummy tuck may remove unwanted fat one time, it cannot prevent added weight gain due to a poor diet or lack of exercise. Fortunately, Swiss researchers featured in a recent issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal found that patients who have work done around their mid-section are more likely to keep this weight off post-surgery than those who didn’t undergo a contouring procedure.

There are many ways to improve our moods, self-confidence and general well-being. Plastic surgery is only one of those ways but, for the right candidates, it can be an amazing gift. Contact Dr. Tenley Lawton’s team in Newport Beach to hear all that plastic surgery can do!


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