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What You Should Know Before You Get Breast Implants

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What You Should Know Before You Get Breast Implants

Cosmetic surgery is always big decisions. There is a certain amount of money, recovery time and potential discomfort involved in many procedures that can permanently or temporarily alter your appearance. Yes, we’d say that’s a big deal!

Procedures like breast augmentation can do wonders for the mental and physical health of many women, but they, too, are a permanent (unless you have them removed) alteration to your physical self. With that said, there are things you should consider before going under the knife to ensure you’re confident in your final decision.

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*Individual Results May Vary

Implants Can Even Out Your Breasts

Many women assume both breasts receive the same-sized implants in an effort to solely make their chests larger. This simply isn’t true. There is a very strong cohort of patients who do not necessarily want larger breasts, but rather want to even out the chest they were given. No two breasts are exactly alike, which means size and shape can vary between the left and right breast. An implant can make the two appear more symmetrical, boosting a woman’s confidence both in and outside of the bedroom.

A Two-Week Recovery Period is Likely               

Breast implants still require surgery, which means some downtime is necessary to produce the most successful results. In addition to having someone drive you to and from surgery, it is usually a good idea to have some assistance at home. This is generally the most crucial during the first 48 hours, as your range of motion will be limited. Basic tasks like bathing and dressing may be difficult. Exercise and lifting heavy items – including children – will also be restricted as you recover.


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Results Will Vary

Plastic surgery always takes some time to settle in and produce the final result. So give yourself a little time before you judge the finished product. Swelling is likely to occur, but will subside after a few weeks. It is also important to remember that no surgeon can give you a celebrity’s body part. If you didn’t have breasts structured like Kate Upton’s before surgery, you’re not likely to emerge as her chest twin after the fact.

That does not mean, however, that breast enhancement can’t produce the best chest results for you! In fact, it often does. This procedure has a very high success rate, especially among individuals who do their homework, maintain reasonable expectations and choose a qualified surgeon, such as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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