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How a Mommy Makeover gives mothers more confidence

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How a Mommy Makeover gives mothers more confidence

After women give birth, they fall in love with their child — but all too often, they fall out of love with their own appearance. After all, pregnancy has a significant impact on many different areas of a woman’s body, and frequently those areas stop responding to traditional weight-loss methods.

That’s why so many women choose a Mommy Makeover from Dr. Tenley Lawton. She’s more than just an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon — she’s a mother of two herself and understands precisely the struggles with body image that many faces after pregnancy.

Dr. Lawton’s Mommy Makeover can include breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck, injectable treatments such as Botox® or Juvéderm®, and more. We can help with any part of the body that just won’t change, even with diet and exercise. And after treatment, most mothers realize several of the following benefits:

They can wear their “real” clothes again.
Many mothers have a portion of their closet full of the clothes they used to wear to work, to social events or out on the town. A Mommy Makeover frequently gives these moms the opportunity to put on those favorite outfits again — and feel great when they do.

The bikini is no longer off-limits
Similarly, because of the impact pregnancy can have on the abdominal area, it’s common for mothers to swear off two-piece swimsuits after childbirth. Body-contouring procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck can target stubborn trouble spots, and breast augmentation will provide a fuller, firmer look. In the end, many moms find themselves with the beach body they never thought they’d see again!

They feel good about doing something for themselves.
Once a woman becomes a mother, her life becomes largely about her family — as it should. But many mothers simply stop doing the things they used to do to feel good about themselves, whether it’s due to a lack of time or energy. A Mommy Makeover puts the focus back on her, at least for a while, which is extremely important for self-esteem and confidence.

Having children is a beautiful part of life, but it doesn’t require mothers to give up on beauty. Whether you’re considering a full Mommy Makeover or another procedure to regain your appearance, Dr. Lawton is ready to help you get back to being you.

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