How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Facelifts can rejuvenate and restore your youthful look of the past. They’re popular among both men and women who would like to address common aesthetic concerns associated with sun-damage, aging, and lifestyle habits such as smoking. Fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, sagging cheeks, acne scars, and more can be treated by a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Tenley Lawton.

Newport Beach Facelift

A facelift is a […]

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4 Steps to Help You Prep for Your Facelift

Getting a facelift is something that many of us have thought about for years. Though the procedure is one of the most common performed by surgeons, it’s nonetheless important that any one considering a facelift take time in gathering the right information before moving forward. Information gathering, careful research, and thoughtful reflection will help ensure you get the best results.

We believe it’s important that every person considering […]

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