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Skin Care

Facial treatments non-surgical orange county


The purpose of our medical non-surgical corrective facial treatments is to significantly reduce the most common skin problems associated with aging skin, renew and rejuvenate the skin, balance the overall tone of the skin and address mild acne. Our staff will suggest the appropriate treatment options available for your particular skin condition during your Skin Analysis appointment.

All corrective treatments begin with a skin analysis by our licensed aesthetician. During this consultation, your facial skin will be thoroughly cleansed and analyzed. The appropriate medical spa treatment options and prescriptive home products will be determined based on your skin’s present condition and future skin care goals. A correctional strategy will then be designed to begin the reversal of any skin conditions you may have. If your skin is healthy, we will provide a preventative maintenance plan for you. A comprehensive skin care program will be geared toward four goals: exfoliation, stimulation, medication, and protection. These goals will usually be achieved through daily home application of cleansers, retin-A, bleaching agents, sun screen, and moisturizers. Your skin care program will be individually tailored to your skin type, complexion diagnosis, and skin reaction. Many people also choose to incorporate Microdermabrasion and Thermage and into further refining their skin.

Key components in a skin care regimen

  • Exfoliation: Cleansers remove dead cells to allow other agents to penetrate.
  • Stimulation: AHA's and retin-A enhance cell growth and turnover.
  • Medication: Bleaching agents treat and prevent skin discoloration.
  • Protection: Moisturizers and sun screen protect your skin from further sun damage.


Skin care requires no recovery time. You may apply makeup immediately following application of your skin care products. Skin care will maintain your rejuvenated skin as long as you maintain your regimen. Because of its simplicity, effectiveness, safety, and advantage of home application, high patient satisfaction can be expected. Every woman is encouraged to participate in a physician supervised skin care program. The improvement in skin appearance is reliable, and the cost is affordable.

“As a busy mom and a workaholic (!), the way I suffer most is sometimes a lack of sleep! Tired eyes can be easily remedied with Juvederm, a water-soluble filler injected under the eyes to “awaken” your appearance. And with a little botox here and there, soon the trials of motherhood are erased and allow the joys of motherhood to shine through.”

Dr. Tenley Lawton, Cosmetic Surgeon Newport Beach

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