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Skin Care

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Corrective aesthetic treatments at the office of board certified plastic surgeon Tenley Lawton, MD, can significantly help reduce or diminish problems with aging skin, sun-exposed skin, dull and dehydrated skin, and skin with mild acne.  Dr. Lawton’s comprehensive skin care plan has four steps: exfoliation, stimulation, medication, and protection. Our goal: help you reverse some dermatological and many aesthetic skin conditions and reveal soft, beautiful, supple skin. The best news about our customized skin care regimen is that it requires no recovery time!

All treatments are supervised by Dr. Lawton, a female board certified plastic surgeon, and all aesthetic procedures are performed in our Newport Beach plastic surgery office and med spa.

We begin with a skin analysis by our licensed aesthetician. During this consultation, facial skin will is thoroughly cleansed and examined, and the skin’s needs based on daily and cumulative sun exposure, current product use, and unique concerns is determined. This best enables our aesthetician customize our medical spa and prescriptive treatments. Microdermabrasion and Thermage® can also be incorporated if you’d like to see faster results.

Key components in a skin care regimen

  • Exfoliation: Cleansers remove dead cells to allow other agents to penetrate.
  • Stimulation: AHA's and retin-A enhance cell growth and turnover.
  • Medication: Bleaching agents treat and prevent skin discoloration. Protection:
  • Moisturizers and sunscreen protect your skin from further sun damage.


As mentioned, skin care requires no recovery time. You may apply makeup immediately following application of all our skin care products. Proper follow-up and correct product application can help maintain your rejuvenated skin and continue to improve it.  

“As a busy mom and a workaholic (!), the way I suffer most is sometimes a lack of sleep! Tired eyes can be easily remedied with Juvéderm®, a water-soluble filler injected under the eyes to “awaken” your appearance. And with a little Botox® Cosmetic here and there, soon the trials of motherhood are erased and allow the joys of motherhood to shine through.”

Dr. Tenley Lawton, Cosmetic Surgeon Newport Beach

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