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Don’t Let the Fear of Pain Keep You From Exploring Plastic Surgery

The fear of pain and recovery can be the biggest deterrent from plastic surgery. Reality television shows that highlight the negative sides of cosmetic surgery can turn someone off to the idea. But the majority of our patients are surprised at how well they handle the pain following their procedure.

Pain is relative to each of our patients and each surgery is different. We have some patients that can resume activity far sooner than others depending on their pain tolerance. As always, we recommend listening to your body as that is going to be the best way to recognize when your body can begin to tolerate activity and pain medications can be reduced or done away with.

On average, our patients use their pain medication for the first 2-3 days after their procedure. Depending on which type of plastic surgery you had, you may find that you’ll need them for an extended period of time. For example, breast augmentation patients are sometimes surprised that they don’t have as much pain as they expected after their procedure.

Some surgeries are harder on the body than others. Rhinoplasty can be a painful recovery because it can cause symptoms such as headaches and pain swallowing or speaking. Breast reconstruction can also be a painful surgery due to the amount of stretching of the skin and manipulation that Dr. Lawton performs during surgery leading to pain when lifting your arms. Again, this all depends on your specific pain tolerance.

An experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawton does everything he can during surgery to make sure he lessens the amount of swelling and distress to the body. She can also help you post-procedure to help with pain management so you can have the best, most comfortable recovery possible.

Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your consultation is one of the more important stages of your journey. Having confidence in your surgeon and knowing expectations will only make your experience better. Some quick tips:
  1. Ensure you have completed your new patient forms.  This paperwork is incredibly important. Dr. Lawton must know your medical history, current health conditions and understand your wants and desires. 
  2. Bring a list of questions. Have you review our website regarding the procedure you are interested in?  After researching the procedure, please bring your list of questions to review with Dr. Lawton.
  3. Have your payment secured.  There are many options: credit cards, care credit, cashier's check
  4. Pictures. Do you have pictures of your expectations to discuss? If so, please bring them.

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures procedures we perform at our Newport Beach, CA facility. We strive to ensure our patients are always well informed before breast augmentation surgery.  One of the most asked questions is whether breast feeding post-surgery is possible.   

The short answer is yes. With Newport Beach, CA board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lawton's expertise, patients rarely have problems breast feeding after breast augmentation surgery. We do recommend that if you know you will be starting a family soon that you hold off on the breast augmentation during a Mommy Makeover after childbirth. If you decide to have your operation before having children, there are a few ways we can reduce the chance of damage to your milk ducts.

Dr. Lawton prefers to use a sub muscular implant, which lowers the risk of affecting the milk duct.  Dr. Lawton also prefers an inframammary decision (underneath the breast) -- which lessens the likelihood that the milk production or milk ducts could be compromised.

Saline or Silicone?

With many resources online and differing opinions, it may be hard to understand the differences between saline and silicone. Here's some quick tips.  As always, please book a consultation and Dr. Lawton can provide you more details and answer any outstanding questions!  When you're ready, please schedule your appointment with Newport Beach breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Tenley Lawton.


  • Available at Age 18
  • Harder than breast tissue
  • Less expensive
  • Smaller incision
  • More likely to ripple
  • East to detect rupture
  • Very safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available at Age 22
  • Similar to breast tissue
  • More expensive
  • Larger incision
  • Less likely to ripple
  • Harder to detect rupture
  • Very safe
  • Lifetime warranty

Buyer Beware! Budget Boobs...

Plastic surgery is one area you definitely don’t want to take a risk or go for the low-ball offer! While some highly experienced and sought-after plastic surgeons will run specials, they won’t be drastically marked down. Budget boobs can be a giant red flag!

Most implants cost between 1350-2200 per pair. If you see a special that dips dramatically below this you might want to do more research on your surgeon. The fact is, breast implants are expensive and you get what you pay for. If the price surprises you, they might not be using the highest grade implant.

There’s also other expenses associated with breast augmentation besides the implants that will be included in your price. These are:

  • Anesthesia
  • Hospital or surgical center costs
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Surgeon’s fee

The best rule of thumb is if you think the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. There is no way to discount the surgical center or the cost of anesthesia. It’s important to talk to other patients, read testimonials (that can be verified) and research your doctor. We want you to walk into your breast augmentation appointment and feel 100% confident in your surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery: Should I or Shouldn’t I - Tips for Those Considering Plastic Surgery

Despite an economic downturn, plastic surgery is more common than ever before. A recent study released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicates that 13.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2010, up 5% from previous years. How does someone know if plastic surgery is right for them? Dr. Tenley Lawton, a board certified female plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, Calif., offers some advice for those considering going under the knife.

Understanding Why:
“Cosmetic surgery is often more psychological than people realize. Some patients want to change something specific in their physical appearance to feel more confident. Others are trying to impress someone else. It is important that each patient analyze the reasons behind seeking cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Lawton. She also urges the importance of measuring expectations. “While plastic surgery certainly can change one’s appearance – those looking to transform into someone else or impress another person will be very disappointed in the outcome,” she says.

The Emotional Connection:
It is never a good idea to consider surgery if you are depressed, have mental illness, or have experienced a life changing event such as divorce, death, loss of a job.

“Its important to understand there is a natural psychological event one experiences post-surgery as they become acquainted with the change in their physical appearance. If you are not mentally stable before surgery, the emotional recovery can be difficult,” claims Dr. Lawton.

The Surgery Check List:
For those seeking plastic surgery, Dr. Lawton offers these tips for assessing the right path.
1. Ask for recommendations – Finding a good surgeon is critical. Ensure the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and view patient reviews on or and simply ask around – recommendations from actual patients should be a key factor to finding the right surgeon.
2. Weigh the risks – Understand the mental considerations and physical risks with surgery. Research the procedure in advance online to educate yourself.
3. Recovery time – Recovery time varies for each procedure and each patient, but it is important to understand what to expect.
4. Start with the end in mind –Meet with your doctor to ensure your expectations are fully communicated. Together, you can develop a strategy to get the best results that are realistic and satisfactory.

The advances of cosmetic surgery and popularity of many procedures among main-stream Americans certainly allows more opportunities for surgeons across the United States. However, there are concerns that the obsession with beauty can cloud the judgment of those seeking surgery. “Overall, surgery can be risky. And, cosmetic surgery is meant to be considered seriously and carefully. An informed patient is the best kind,” affords Dr. Lawton.

Fall is Here!

As the leaves turn colors and air cools to welcome Fall, I welcome you to visit for a consultation. Now is the optimal time to consider enhancements to help you shine before the holidays. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm Wishes,
Dr. Tenley Lawton, M.D.

Breast Augmentation
I began my career specializing in breast reconstruction. Working with cancer survivors has been a powerful experience through which I've become acutely aware of the correlation between a women's confidence and her feelings about her breasts. It is through this realization that I have dedicated a large portion of my practice to breast augmentation, reductions and lifts. It has been so fulfilling to change women's lives in such a profound way.

For younger women whose breasts did not develop into a preferred cup size, breast augmentation allows a natural enhancement to the bustline - increasing cup size, and balancing the breasts with the rest of the body.

For middle-aged women, over the years, factors such as gravity, pregnancy, nursing, and weight loss take their toll on a woman's breasts. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and begin to sag. A breastlift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to restore a more youthful shape and position to sagging breasts. Mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. If your breasts are small or have lost volume breast implants can be inserted at the time of mastopexy to increase both their firmness and their size.

Do you have friends or relatives interested in traveling to Southern California for procedures? If so, the Beautifcation Vacation is a perfect option Along with convenient Skype consultations, Dr. Lawton offers a vacation credit for her plastic surgery patients towards accommodations at nearby resorts, so they can rest and heal in the surrounds of beautiful retreats. Beautification Vacations on the beaches of Southern California are available for patients and include a $200 credit towards accommodations, a post-surgery manicure/pedicure and a $200 credit toward airfare (restrictions: not combinable with any other offer and package must be mentioned at the time of consultation). Learn more.

Upper arm surgery is the fastest growing plastic surgery trend right now. Learn what you need to know about this innovative procedure. Learn more.

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Back to School

Back To School College Essentials Now Includes Cosmetic Surgery
College Bound Students Seeking More than Linens and Toiletries When Heading Off To
College This Year

Newport Beach, Calif. – Newport Beach, Calif. board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton, has seen an uptick in a new trend among college bound students. More students than ever are seeking a little nip and tuck before heading off to their new life as college students.

“For many, moving away to college is a chance to reinvent themselves and gain some confidence. From laser resurfacing to rid acne scars or rhinoplasty to fix a once-broken nose, to a woman that had very disproportioned breasts –minimizing the things that cause insecurity, can sometimes set the tone for a confident launch into the next phase of their life,” says Dr. Lawton.

Dr. Lawton has launched a new back to school consulting program, offering students a complimentary consultation ($150 value). To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawton and to learn more about the back to school program, please contact 949-640-0999.

About Dr. Tenley Lawton
Located in Newport Beach, Calif., Dr. Lawton is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in an array of services including liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and face lift procedures. Renowned in Orange County for her expertise in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lawton is an active speaker locally and nationally, sharing her experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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