When Can I Return to Work After a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentations are one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. For the right woman, an augmentation can produce life-changing results that last years to come. However, the procedure is a surgical one that can cause tightness and moderate discomfort in the chest for a few days after surgery. With careful planning though, you’ll be back to work and your normal day-to-day routine before you know it.

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What Can I Expect After Breast Augmentation?

After your breast augmentation, your breasts and will be swollen and bruised for the first two to four weeks. The extent of the bruising will be determined by the type of breast implant you choose to receive. Implants that are placed beneath the muscle generally take a few weeks longer to heal than implants placed above the muscle. Patients will still be able to go home the same day as their surgery. Mobility is encouraged from day one.

How Much Time Should I Take Off Work?

Dr. Lawton usually advises taking off at least one week in most situations in order to let your body fully recover. Ultimately, the time needed to relax is up to your body, the type of job you have, and the type of surgery you undergo. You’ll be able to return to non-strenuous activities in one to two weeks. If you work a desk job or other such low impact job, you will only need to take minimal time away from work.

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What If I work A Physically Demanding Job?

More strenuous activities should be avoided for three to four weeks. If your job includes heavy lifting or vigorous activities, it’s best to take off more time. Weight restrictions will apply for six to eight weeks after surgery so speak with your doctor to find out your limitations. You may need to work on a limited schedule until you are fully healed. To prevent unnecessary scarring, lifting more than 10-15 pounds should be avoided in any case for at least three weeks.

How Long Until I Am Fully Healed From Surgery?

It is recommended for patients to wear a sports bra or compression garment for one month to help minimize swelling and keep the implants in the correct place. Don’t participate in activities that cause you pain. Remember, pushing yourself too hard too soon can prolong the healing process.

After two weeks, most bruising and swelling should go down enough for you to comfortably wear a bikini. Generally, within six weeks, you can resume your normal exercise routine. After about three months, you can expect your breasts to be fully healed, settled into place, and looking more natural. Dr. Tenley K. Lawton will help customize a post-surgical plan to facilitate as smooth and easy recovery as possible.

Dr. Lawton is a wonderful surgeon. I received a breast augmentation from her with Allergans new shaped 410 implants and I LOVE my results. They look very natural and there was barely any downtime. I was back to work four days later and no one could even tell. The staff is great but mostly I loved the time Dr. Lawton spent with me. I felt that as a woman she truly understood what I wanted. I would definitely refer her to friends and family.

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