What Can a Chemical Peel Treat?

Chemical peels can treat a wide range of skin conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, facial scarring, and even hyperpigmentation. The procedure does not involve any surgery. Instead, it works by applying acids of varying strength to the skin, activating its latent rejuvenating potential. Mild peels rarely require any downtime, allowing you to get back to your regular schedule quickly.

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Chemical Peels for Faded Scarring

Chemical peels are a great way to deal with old or light acne scars that might be affecting your complexion. Dr. Tenley Lawton gently applies the solution to your face so that it can do its work.

Acne scars change the skin’s surface tension properties and cause it to take on a crater-like appearance. Chemical peels target this tissue, encouraging it to rejuvenate and regain its old characteristics. Over time, it recovers its pre-acne appearance, allowing you to feel more confident.

Note that when you undergo a chemical peel, you’re not just touching up your skin. Treatment fundamentally changes the way it behaves.

Chemical Peels for Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Many patients also choose chemical peels for their anti-aging effects. Peels reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging the skin to produce youthful compounds like collagen and elastin. Deep chemical peels can target the lower dermal layers, dramatically improving your complexion without the need for surgical intervention.

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Chemical Peels for Facial Rejuvenation

Chemical peels are a convenient way to improve your complexion because of how easy they are to fit into your regular skincare regimen.

Many of Dr. Lawton’s patients choose to get light chemical peels once a month to keep their skin looking radiant and youthful and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Others choose it to combat acne scars or pigmented areas of skin.

Light peels only cause mild reddening of the skin and do not require any downtime at all, making them easy to fit into your schedule. You can receive a peel in the morning and then get on with your life in the afternoon.

Deeper peels tend to lead to more peeling and blistering, which means that you might want to take a short break from your regular social calendar. Recovery includes avoiding sun exposure and applying ointments and ice packs.

Candidate for Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels use mild acids and are, therefore, suitable for practically anyone. Patients who undergo the procedure typically do so to deal with fine lines, dryness, mild sun-damaged skin, and acne scars.

Medium chemical peels target the middle layers of the skin and are for moderate acne scars, wrinkles, and sun-damaged skin.

The deepest peels are for patients with the most serious wrinkles or severely sun-damaged skin.

If you’re unsure which treatment you should choose, Dr. Tenley Lawton can consult with you on the right course of treatment.

Dr. Lawton is a wonderful surgeon. I received a breast augmentation from her with Allergans new shaped 410 implants and I LOVE my results. They look very natural and there was barely any downtime. I was back to work four days later and no one could even tell. The staff is great but mostly I loved the time Dr. Lawton spent with me. I felt that as a woman she truly understood what I wanted. I would definitely refer her to friends and family.

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*Individual Results May Vary.

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