Three keys to a successful breast augmentation


Breast augmentation is a very common procedure — and it’s one that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton performs frequently in Newport Beach. Implants can be a great solution for women who feel their breasts are too small, or if breasts have lost volume after weight loss or aging.

Not every surgeon approaches this important procedure with the same level of care, however; and someone who takes shortcuts can create results that don’t match your goals or your expectations. That’s why Dr. Lawton follows these three keys to a successful breast augmentation:

  1. Helping you fully understand your options. A breast augmentation isn’t as simple as saying, “I want to make my breasts bigger (or smaller).” You have many choices, including implants of varying sizes, shapes and styles. Dr. Lawton will provide guidance and information to help you make an informed decision — but the decision is always yours and yours alone.
  2. Maximizing the benefit of your implants. This means more than helping you determine the size and type of implants that are best for you. We can use test implants during the procedure to make sure we choose the ones that provide the best look and feel. We also make sure to put implants in the right place — that might sound funny, but when surgeons place implants over the muscle, instead of under it, the risk of sagging is much higher.
  3. Choosing the best incision point. Dr. Lawton prefers placing implants through an incision under your breast, rather than through your underarm. Why? It’s less visible, for one thing, but it’s also a better access point overall.

If you’re considering a breast augmentation, beware of surgeons who rush you, pressure you or tell you that your concerns aren’t important. This procedure isn’t something to be taken lightly — it’s an investment in yourself and your confidence, and you deserve a surgeon who understands that. Contact Dr. Tenley Lawton in Orange County today for your consultation.


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