Breast Augmentation Scarring

Will A Breast Augmentation Leave A Scar?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that adds or restores volume to breasts. As with any plastic surgery, breast augmentation involves incisions in the skin, which naturally leads to scarring. Choosing an experienced, board-certified surgeon, like Dr. Lawton, is the best way to reduce the risk of complications that may lead to scarring. 

Dr. Lawton’s surgical approach aims to leave you with inconspicuously placed scars with the best chance of healing properly. Many women find that these easily-concealable […]

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Where is the Incision Made During a Breast Augmentation?

For the right woman, a breast augmentation can have a dramatic life-changing effect. Women who have pregnancy or age-related volume loss can achieve fuller, younger-looking breasts. Breast surgery can also help women who are unhappy with the size they were naturally given meet their aesthetic goals.

Whatever the reason you may be considering a breast augmentation, there are a number factors that you’ll have to take into account. No two breast augmentations are […]

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