How to be more confident


The vast majority of people who choose plastic surgery don’t do it because they’re vain. They do it because they want to feel better about themselves, to feel more confident.s

And while plastic surgery can be a wonderful way to achieve those goals — particularly with a skilled, board-certified surgeon such as Dr. Tenley Lawton in Newport Beach — there are a lot of simple, everyday things that anyone can do to increase their confidence. Here are just a few:

  1. Celebrate yourself — as you are. You’ve already achievedso much (even if you don’t realize it). Simply making it to this point, and deciding you want to improve your confidence, is something to celebrate! Look for the things you love about yourself, and focus more on them. You’ll start inspiring yourself to improve the things you don’t love.
  2. Create an action plan for who you want to be (and what you want to do). How many times have you said, “My goal is to do X” — but then weeks later, you haven’t made any progress? That’s probably because you didn’t have a plan. Set a goal, then sit down and take time to map out how you can get there. You’ll be far more likely to succeed.
  3. Look and sound more confident. You’d be amazed at how your posture and your demeanor can impact your confidence. So stop slouching! Sit up straight. Stand tall. And when you need to speak with authority, don’t be shy. When you act confident, people take notice — including your subconscious self.
  4. Stop underestimating yourself. Experts say that men often overestimate their abilities, but women do the opposite — in part because they fear appearing arrogant. You have skills, you have positive qualities. Letting them show isn’t arrogant at all; in fact, hiding them can cause others to minimize your value instead. Don’t let that happen!
  5. Do good. Studies have shown that people who do good things for others also benefit personally from those deeds — you’ll probably notice a boost in self-esteem, along with the feeling of satisfaction that comes from contributing to the community.

If you have specific areas of your appearance you’d like to address, by all means, contact Dr. Lawton in Orange County today for a consultation. But don’t minimize the impact these small steps can have on your life; after all, small steps often add up to big change!


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