Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays in which we tend to give ourselves a free pass to splurge on eating. However, we don’t fully realize how far we can set ourselves back when we do stuff ourselves with delicious food. Here are a couple tips we can use to limit our intake, eat something a bit healthier, and possibly keep ourselves on track with our health and wellness goals.

  1. Do something active in the morning – We all know that the afternoon brings massive amounts delicious food followed by tantalizing desserts. Let’s be honest, we most likely are not going to follow up our pumpkin pie with a 3-mile run. However, if you can be sure to do something active in the morning, burn some early calories, and boost your metabolism, you can be sure that you are doing all in your power to minimize the damage.
  2. Be cautious on your portion control – With a wide variety of delicious dishes, there’s no need to abstain from any foods, rather, be cautious in what you pile on the plate. Go easy on the mashed potatoes and gravy, but feel free to stock up on the greens and yams (just not the ones with marshmallows on them). If you are going to eat too much, it’s better to eat too much of a healthy option rather than a non-healthy one.
  3. Drink lots of water – If you are filling your tummy with water, there’s not as much room for heavy foods. Try drinking a full glass of water right before you eat. If, after having the meal, you are unsure if you want to eat more, drink another full glass and wait 10 minutes or so. You will be sure to know right away whether or not that extra helping of stuffing is a good idea.
Following these quick and easy tips will help you stay on track and not backslide during that tempting meal, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Tenley Lawton, M.D.


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