Facial Rejuvenation in Newport Beach, CA

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Dr. Tenley Lawton is a respected Orange County facial plastic surgeon practicing in Newport Beach, CA. Dr. Lawton's modern techniques in facial rejuvenation were developed while earning her boar certification in plastic surgery and her ability to achieve natural looking enhancement continues to be fine-tuned with each patient she transforms along the way.

Naturally Recognized in Orange County

It should be noted that, for Dr. Lawton, the word transformation leans heavily on the side of natural enhancement so her patients are still recognized for the beautiful faces their loved ones look forward to seeing everyday. It's because of these principlas and unique abilities that Dr. Tenely Lawton is considered to be one of the top plastic surgeons in Newport Beach and certainly amongst the best female plastic surgeons in the Orange County area.

Procedures for Rejuvenating the Face

Dr. Lawton is well practiced and more than qualified in using several facial plastic surgery procedures to achieve a desired outcome. Below are just some of the options used to enhance her patients' faces:

Your Next Step

If you're interested in a natural looking facial rejuvenation and want to consult with one of Orange County's most respected board certified plastic surgeons then your next step is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tenley Lawton at her Newport Beach office.

In Dr. Lawton's Words

"Most people don’t mind growing older. What they seek is a way to age gracefully, naturally, without looking worried, stressed, or tired whenthey’re not."

– Dr. Tenley Lawton, Female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach, California

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