Do Patients Tend to Regret Breast Reduction Surgery?


There are many reasons women opt for breast reduction surgery. Some stem from persistent back pain that just won’t go away. Others believe their large size hampers their workout routines or even daily activities. A few are simply tired of the stares, ogling and teasing they’ve been subjected to since grade school.

Whatever the reason, most are valid health and wellness concerns that can easily be addressed by reducing the size of your breasts. But what if you emerge from surgery to find they’re too small? Or long for just a glimpse of the male attention and head-turning you received before your procedure.

While revision surgery is always an option, Dr. Tenley Lawton would much rather see you happy with your results the first time around. No one can guarantee every single patient will be happy with every single procedure. After all, plastic surgery by its very nature is part science, part art. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind that should limit the risk of remorse following breast reduction surgery.

The primary thing you can do is ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. To both your surgeon and to others you know, who have undergone this procedure. There are also tons of online forums that document the pros and cons, appreciation and regretssurrounding all types of plastic surgery, including breast reduction.

You should also be extremely honest with your doctor about the results you’re hoping to achieve. Outline why you want this surgery and how you picture your life, including your daily activities, exercise routine, parenting duties and social life, post-surgery.

Lastly, listen to your surgeon. While the final decision will always be up to you as the patient, an experienced surgeon like Dr. Lawton can give you an honest assessment of the results before you go under the knife. Give us a call today to address all your questions and concerns about this life-changing procedure!

Dr. Tenley Lawton, M.D.


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