Chin Augmentation

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Mentoplasty, commonly called chin enhancement surgery, is done to either enhance or reduce the chin’s profile. A qualified chin enhancement surgeon, such as Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton, can add appropriate shape or definition, depending up on the individual’s facial structure. Chin enhancement surgery is performed with an implant and reduction surgery involves careful removal of bone. Chin enhancement surgeon  Dr. Lawton sometimes recommends nose surgery in concert with chin enhancement surgery to achieve balance in terms of facial proportion because change a chin augmentation may magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose. The goal of any chin enhancement surgery performed by Dr. Lawton is to create the most natural profile, which includes harmonious balance of facial features.

For more information about having chin augmentation surgery in Newport Beach California contact us today. Chin enhancement surgeon Dr. Lawton sees patients from all over Southern Califronia and even some who decide to fly in from out of town. If you're interested in visiting us from out of town please ask our patient coordinator for more information.


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