Breast Procedures

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Breast Procedures

Your breasts are important to you. They change and transform naturally throughout your life, due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, age, gravity, and fitness. And when your breasts aren’t quite right—when they are too large, too small, or even too asymmetrical—you can feel uncomfortable, both emotionally and physically. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tenley Lawton is an excellent choice to lead you through your breast transformation journey. Breast procedures come in a variety of forms and combinations.

As one of Dr. Lawton’s Newport Beach breast procedure patients, you will notice that she is focused on the procedure that’s right for you and your body. Some patients may require a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction. Every breast enhancement procedure offered by Dr. Lawton at her Newport Beach clinic is designed to achieve something that diet and exercise never could: a change in the size, shape, or orientation of the breasts. To learn more about how a breast transformation can rectify your breast size and shape, contact Dr. Lawton to schedule a one-on-one consultation today.

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Breast Enhancement Procedures Offered by Dr. Lawton

Dr. Lawton offers breast enhancement procedures tailored to the needs and desires of every patient. These procedures are performed at the Newport Beach Surgery Center (across from Hoag Hospital). Dr. Lawton is always focused on achieving tasteful, graceful results that look natural and balanced with the body. Dr. Lawton brings a warm, compassionate, and informed mindset to every interaction with her patients. She is focused on helping you achieve the results that are right for you and your body.

Breast Augmentation

Perhaps one of the most well-known plastic surgery procedures in the world, there’s no denying the appeal of breast augmentation procedures. Contrary to the popular view of breast augmentation, however, most patients are looking for a modest, natural-looking increase in bust size. Indeed, some patients might be more interested in correcting lingering asymmetry of the breasts rather than increasing size overall.

Breast augmentation is accomplished with the insertion of breast implants. In some cases, these implants are composed of saline, however, the most popular breast implant type is composed of silicone. Dr. Lawton offers her patients the Natrelle Implant (also known as a “gummy bear” implant because of its unique texture), which is designed to effectively replicate the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Dr. Lawton is committed to helping breast augmentation patients achieve results that are both flattering and proportional.

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Breast Lift

As the years go by, breast tissue has a tendency to sag. Ligaments weaken and skin loses laxity with age. And gravity is a constant companion. The larger the breasts, the more amplified this sag tends to be. Pregnancy can also exacerbate this downward shift in orientation. A breast lift is a procedure specifically tailored to correct any sag or drop in orientation. By removing any excess skin and reshaping the inner tissues, Dr. Lawton can return the breasts to a more youthful-looking orientation.

A breast lift is a procedure that’s seen an increasing amount of interest in the past few years because it’s an excellent way for patients to get a significant but natural looking boost. A breast lift won’t change the size of your breasts, but it can make them look younger and more balanced in a way that compliments your frame, your proportions, and your natural beauty.

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Breast Reduction

When the breasts are too large for a patient’s frame, they often seek relief in the form of a breast reduction. Overly large breasts can develop for any number of reasons, ranging from heredity to pregnancy. When the breasts become overly large, however, they can cause significant discomfort. Many patients experience chronic neck and back pain because of the excess weight of their breasts.

A breast reduction can diminish that discomfort by selectively removing excess tissue. Patients who undergo a breast reduction, therefore, enjoy both aesthetic and physical benefits. Their breasts are more proportional, look more vital, and cause significantly less pain. Patients often seek out breast reductions for a combination of aesthetic and physiological reasons. Dr. Lawton is a board-certified breast reduction surgeon who helps her patients achieve natural-looking results.

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Breast Reconstruction

As a board-certified plastic surgeon performing breast enhancement in Orange County, Dr. Tenley Lawton has dedicated much of her career to helping breast cancer survivors with reconstructive surgery. Her personal understanding of a woman’s connection between self-confidence and her breasts has resulted in a deep conviction to help women achieve self-assurance through breast augmentation or breast reduction surgeries.

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“I began my career specializing in breast reconstruction. Working with cancer survivors has been a powerful experience through which I’ve become acutely aware of how much of a woman’s confidence and self-esteem is based on our feelings about our breasts. It is through this realization that I have dedicated a large portion of my practice to breast augmentation, reductions, lifts, and reconstruction. It has been so fulfilling to change women’s lives in such a profound way.”

Dr. Tenley Lawton, Plastic Surgeon Newport Beach Specializing in Breast Augmentation in Orange County, CA

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Mommy Makeover

The stresses of motherhood often take a physical toll. The breasts can sag and become asymmetrical. The tummy can become hidden by excess skin. Stubborn areas of fat can cling to your body no matter how much you work out. While these issues are not associated exclusively with mothers, they are quite common to motherhood.

Addressing all three issues with one combined operation is often referred to as a Mommy Makeover. During this procedure, Dr. Lawton will typically perform a breast lift, liposuction, and a tummy tuck for the patient. That said, mommy makeovers can and do incorporate a diverse set of procedures–beyond breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck–that can target a patient’s specific problem areas.

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Benefits of Breast Enhancement Procedures

Patients who undergo breast procedures often remark on their vastly improved confidence and self-esteem. Changing the breasts—whether by varying volume or providing lift—can help patients feel at ease in their bodies.

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