Breast Augmentation After 40 Can Be a Great ‘Pick Me Up’


We’ve all heard the saying “40 is the new 30.” We here at Dr. Tenley Lawton’s office believe it! This is a great age to be a woman, even if gravity has said hello. Think about it, many women in their 40s have more disposable income, flexible schedules, opportunities to travel and generally fewer responsibilities when it comes to children as they age.

That makes this decade the perfect time to take care of yourself! For some women, this starts with the breasts. Whether they need a little boost after decades of no maintenance, or a slight reshaping thanks to children, 40 is a great time to pay attention to your girls.

Dr. Lawton’s office is well-versed in the physical changes that occur as we leave our 30s and enter our 40s. A few of those prime concerns include a loss of volume and some sagging. A breast augmentation procedure can restore a youthful appearance to breasts, including more volume, lift and balance.

That’s right, it’s not all about volume and perkiness. A breast augmentation can even out imbalanced breasts as well! It can also serve as a reconstructive technique following surgery for breast cancer. Those worried about the annual mammogram many physicians suggest after age 40 can put these concerns to rest, too. There are techniques the mammography technician can use to assure women with breast implants still receive accurate results. Just let the technician know beforehand that you have breast implants.

It’s a bright, big world out there and the sky is the limit, whether you’re 25, 45 or 55! Why not tackle it head on and achieve the body you’ve always wanted! Call our office today.

Dr. Tenley Lawton, M.D.


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