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When Can I Return to Work After A Breast Lift?

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When Can I Return to Work After A Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery can dramatically improve your overall appearance and make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Clothing often fits better, and many women regain the self-confidence they once had in their youth. However, it is a surgical procedure that entails a good deal of recovery. Understanding what to expect and a little pre-planning can help speed up the recovery process so you can get back to your life ASAP.

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*Individual Results May Vary

No two women or surgeries are the same. It may take you longer (or shorter) to get back to your normal routine depending on your individual situation. Scheduling adequate time off work can ensure you heal properly. Dr. Tenley K. Lawton tailors post-surgical recovery plans for each patient based on her needs.

Discomfort, swelling, and bruising will be the worst 5-7 days following your procedure. Prescription pain medications will be provided along with bathing instructions to keep you as comfortable as possible during this time. Bending over or any activities that increase blood flow to the chest should be avoided. Spend the first week relaxing and taking it easy.

Light activities can be incorporated into your schedule in about a week. After 1-week, many women with office jobs decide to head back to work. Keep in mind, even non-strenuous activities can make you tire easily. Dr. Lawton often recommends returning to work on a part-time basis until at least 2-weeks post-op.

If you have a job that requires heavy lifting or a lot of physical activity, you’ll want to wait a little longer before heading back to work. After about a month, you’ll be able to gradually increase your workload. Dr. Lawton suggests no lifting your arms above your head for at least 3-4 weeks. Heavy lifting is a no-no for 4-6 weeks.


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Dr. Lawton is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in breast surgeries of all types. She works closely with each of her patients to ensure an optimal outcome with the least amount of downtime. Dr. Lawton M.D. will customize a recovery plan and help you understand what to expect before, during, and after surgery.


*Individual Results May Vary


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