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What’s the Recovery Time for a Tummy Tuck?

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What’s the Recovery Time for a Tummy Tuck?

Many women seeking to get rid of loose, sagging skin following a significant weight loss or pregnancy consider a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat to improve the appearance of your abdomen.

Recovery requires consideration and planning for all aspects of the healing process. While this process can be slow, it is manageable. Recuperation from a tummy tuck is on average 6-8 weeks but will vary for each individual.

Dr. Lawton uses the most advanced techniques to minimize your pain and recovery time. She utilizes the least invasive treatment option to achieve your goals, which in some cases means a mini tuck. Whether a tummy tuck or a mini tuck, you can realize a boost to your body image with this life-changing procedure performed by Dr. Lawton, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach.

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What to Expect After Surgery?

Safe recovery is Lawton’s top priority, therefore you will typically stay for one overnight following a tummy tuck. During surgery, you will be under general anesthesia for two to four hours, preventing you from feeling any pain. On release, it will be necessary to have someone drive you home and help care for you for a few days.

Patients have experienced tightness and soreness in their abdomens for up to a week after surgery. This can make it uncomfortable to stand fully erect for a few days. Dr. Lawton may prescribe pain pills to ease this discomfort.

When Can I Go Back to Work?

As long as your work involves no heavy lifting, you may be able to go back as soon as your drainage tubes are removed. It may be necessary to allow your pain to dissipate and to completely wean yourself off of pain medication before driving or returning to work.



The first step is to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Lawton or one of our trusted providers at Tenley K Lawton M.D. in Neport Beach, CA. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you promptly to schedule your appointment.

How Soon Can I Get Back to My Exercise Routine?

While the light movement is encouraged in order to keep your blood flowing and decrease the chances of clotting in your legs, you should not push yourself to do anything physically before you’re ready. Full rest is recommended for at least two weeks. Dr. Lawton can advise what activities you can perform during the first four to six weeks. However, normal exercise should not commence for 6-8 weeks or until approved by Dr. Lawton.

What’s Full Recovery After Tummy Tuck?

It will be several months before you are fully back to normal, but, unlike non-invasive procedures, a tummy tuck typically won’t need to be repeated. Once recovery is complete, results should be fairly stable and long-lasting. However, if you get pregnant after a tummy tuck, it can essentially undo the process.

If there’s anyone contemplating a tummy tuck & breast lift with an augmentation, I highly recommend Dr. Lawton! I brought my aunt to her after seeing my friends incredible results. My aunt lost over 100lbs & had lost all the volume on her breasts & had tons of loose skin on her tummy. I went with my aunt, who only speaks spanish, to her initial consult. She wanted to get her breasts done first, but after Dr. Lawton & Erin educated us & explained the process of doing both tummy & breasts at the same time, she booked the whole makeover! She is almost 3 months post op & looks and feels amazing! I wasn’t able to make all her appointments, but Erin was sweet enough to call me during the visit so I could translate. I can’t say enough about how amazing Erin is! She’s the best patient liaison ever! We had so many questions, more than the average person, I’m sure, and Erin was always happy to help. Thank you Lawton team for making my auntie so beautiful!

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*Individual Results May Vary


Dr. Lawton strives to provide the best experience for everyone who chooses her practice for their aesthetic needs. Read why our patients love their results & experience with Dr. Lawton and her team of expert providers.

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