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Top 5 Trends Du Jour In Cosmetic Surgery

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Top 5 Trends Du Jour In Cosmetic Surgery

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Think you know who’s visiting plastic surgery clinics and why? Think again. Board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton says the reasons driving patients into her office today may surprise you.

“People are coming to me asking to look better in their selfies or asking for a specific body part from this or that celebrity – thinkMichelle Obama’s arms or Beyonce’s booty,” says Dr. Lawton.

There are other trends at work too, and Dr. Lawton is perfectly placed to spot them. She’s based in Southern California — the plastic surgery capital of the U.S.

Here are her top five trends in cosmetic surgery now:

  1. Beautification Vacation
    Less and less, Americans are heading overseas for plastic surgery due to horror stories of botched procedures. And why should they when they can flock to stunning, sun-drenched Southern California for surgery and then stay put to recover in a beautiful, relaxing locale? “Orange County is home to some of the country’s most luxurious resorts, so patients recovering here are sure to be thoroughly pampered,” says Dr. Lawton.Foreigners too are visiting American surgeons due to the strenuous regulations to which they adhere. To accommodate these medical tourists, Dr. Lawton offers a vacation credit that includes a Skype consultation, a $400 airfare and accommodation credit and a post-surgery manicure/pedicure. Restrictions apply.
  2. Celebrity Arms
    The tight, toned arms of Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Kelly Ripa and Demi Moore – just to name a few – are inspiring an uptick in brachioplasty. The procedure, also known as an arm lift, tightens the sagging skin that droops from the upper arm, often as a result of age or weight loss.”This is a major undertaking that leaves a scar from armpit to elbow,” cautions Dr. Lawton, “but sometimes there is just no other way to regain definition in the arm – pushups and bicep curls don’t cut it in some cases. But I always advise patients to start with weight loss and exercise to see what they can achieve. Then, if it’s not working, we can remove that excess skin to reveal the muscle tone underneath.”
  3. Booty Boost 
    Beyonce’s provocative and booty-showcasing “Partition” video is just one of the catalysts for women wanting to reshape their derrieres. A variety of other celebrities, including Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bundchen, also provide shapely inspiration.”A buttock lift was almost unheard of in the industry 10 years ago,” says Dr. Lawton, “but the procedure has more than tripled in popularity.” Recent advancements in fat grafting now offer implant-weary patients an especially attractive option for a better booty.
  4. Divorcee Sex Appeal
    Long the realm of tummy tucks, breast lifts and facelifts for newly single women, divorcee surgery is now moving farther south with procedures such as labiaplasty. But women aren’t the only ones touching up down below. “It’s not just women who are self conscious about rejoining the dating pool and hooking up following a divorce,” says Dr. Lawton. “Men are equally concerned about their ‘private’ appeal.”While George Clooney may have joked in an Esquire interview last year about “ball ironing,” scrotum lifts and reductions are indeed becoming more commonplace. And wrinkles certainly don’t discriminate by sex. Men are turning to Botox – or Bro-Tox – too. “The key for men undergoing wrinkle injections is to stay distinguished-looking but not frozen so they look current in the workplace and dating world,” says Dr. Lawton.
  5. Selfies Surgery
    Celebrity worship collides with the proliferation of selfie obsession in this emerging trend. “Young people are feeling the pressure to put their best face forward in social media,” says Dr. Lawton. Teens and 20-somethings are now requesting rhinoplasty, lip filler, botox and more so they can look as good as their favorite celebrities in a close-up. “While young people are aware that magazines retouch celebrities to perfection, they see them looking equally amazing in their supposedly untouched selfies. This creates a certain level of expectation about what a ‘normal person’ looks like.”

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