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Our goal is for you to love your body

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Our goal is for you to love your body

We know that nobody’s perfect. But we believe that everyone can (and should) find something to feel good about when they look in the mirror — whether they choose plastic surgery or not.

Loving yourself is important. It’s healthy. And it’s the best way to attract love and friendship from others around you.

It’s also the best foundation to start building your confidence and refining your appearance if that’s what you want. And of course, Dr. Tenley Lawton is happy to help if you decide to pursue surgical options. Her knowledge and experience can transform the trouble spots you don’t quite love, and even improve some of the areas you do.

But first, let’s take a look at a few things to love about yourself — today.

Your face
It’s your introduction to the world. But your face does more than tell others how you’re feeling; it’s the primary way they’ll remember you. We hope you feel your facial features are just right — but if you have a couple that you think are a little too memorable, we offer a number of different procedures to create the look you desire.

Your eyes
Your eyes, quite simply, are you. They’re unique. They tell a story. And as the old saying goes, they’re the window to the soul. An eyelid lift or treatment to ease crow’s feet can improve how you feel about your look, but never forget that your eyes themselves, with their color and radiance, are the stars of the show.

Your beauty
It’s been said that you are 20% more beautiful to other people than you are to yourself. Why? Because they take into account your personality, intelligence, and more, while you simply look for the physical flaws. Don’t forget that!

We believe you should revel in your inner and outer beauty every day. If you choose to improve upon that existing beauty, Dr. Lawton would love to play a role. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

Dr. Tenley Lawton, M.D.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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*Individual Results May Vary


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