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Is Latisse Safe to Use on My Eyelashes?

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Is Latisse Safe to Use on My Eyelashes?

Of all our delicate features, our eyes are probably the most sensitive ones. This is why it’s understandable for many people to have concerns about products, procedures, or services that involve the eyes or the eye region. After all, the pursuit of looking your best is meaningless if you can’t appreciate the final result!

Latisse can definitely help you look your best. This FDA-approved treatment can produce longer, fuller eyelashes. Like most other treatments, however, there are side effects. These can include itchy and red eyes, as well as more serious, long-term side effects such as darkened eyelid skin and even a brown darkening within the colored part of your eye.

While the potential for these side effects may sound alarming, rest assured they are not common. Most Latisse users are satisfied with their experience and do not report any problems. Allergan, the maker of Latisse, notes only 3 percent to 4 percent of users have ever reported an adverse reaction to this product.

Most problems, when they do occur, stem from eye irritation when Latisse accidentally gets into the eye. You can minimize your potential for side effects by visiting a reputable practitioner like Dr. Tenley Lawton and following all the directions on the package. This includes only applying Latisse at night, to the base of the upper eyelashes. The excess solution should be wiped away immediately, and the applicator should be thrown out after each use. Always use a sterile applicator when applying Latisse.

Dr. Lawton is here to answer questions or address any concerns you may have about the use or risk factors surrounding Latisse. Fuller lashes are a keen possibility with Latisse, as long as you understand the solution and its implementation process.

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