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How Long is Recovery from a Breast Augmentation?

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How Long is Recovery from a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure designed to modify and enhance the shape and appearance of the breasts. When performed by a skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Tenley Lawton, the results can be fantastic. With that said, breast augmentation involves surgery. Therefore, patients need to consider their recovery carefully.

In this post, we discuss how long it takes to recover from breast augmentation and what preparations you need to make.

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Preparations for Breast Augmentation

Recovering rapidly from breast augmentation requires putting your recovery plan in place ahead of time. Before you undergo surgery, set up your home ready for when you return from the clinic. Make sure that you have a 45-degree inclined chair ready to go when you get back. Also, it is wise to do all of your errands, like grocery shopping, before the surgery so that you take care of all the essentials, ahead of time.

Do not smoke for at least six weeks before breast augmentation surgery. And look after your general health by drinking more water and improving the quality of your diet. Modifying your lifestyle will speed your recovery.

About Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is a catch-all term for various procedures designed to enhance the appearance of your breasts. Dr. Lawton’s patients use augmentation to restore volume to breasts following weight loss or childbirth as well as add volume to underdeveloped or small breasts.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

Here’s how recovery from breast augmentation typically progresses: 

  • 24 hours post-op: Following surgery, you’ll spend a couple of hours in a recovery room until the anesthetic wears off. Then a trusted family member or friend will drive you home. You cannot drive yourself. During the first day after treatment, you may experience a range of symptoms, including tiredness, nausea, and tightness in your breasts. Your chest area may also be exceptionally sensitive. 
  • 2-5 days post-op: During the first two to five days, you may continue to experience discomfort. If you do, then take painkillers as prescribed or recommended by Dr. Lawton. 
  • 5-7 days post-op: After about five to seven days, some of the intensity of the discomfort should subside. You may also be able to return to your normal activities. However, you should not engage in strenuous exercise. 
  • 3-4 weeks post-op: After three to four weeks, most of the pain should have gone away. You should also notice a dramatic reduction in swelling and bruising on your breasts. From this point onwards, you can engage in some light exercise but should not exercise vigorously. 
  • 4 or more weeks post-op: At this point, you can resume all your regular activities.


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Benefits of a Breast Augmentation

The benefits of breast augmentation include:

  • More even breasts
  • Fuller breasts after pregnancy, aging, and mastectomy
  • More symmetrical breasts
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved breast volume and curves

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

You may be a suitable candidate for breast augmentation if you want larger or fuller breasts, or want to correct asymmetrical breasts. 

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure so you need to be in good health before Dr. Lawton can operate. You should abstain from smoking for at least six weeks before getting the procedure. And you should not be pregnant or nursing.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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