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Buyer Beware: When It’s Not So Cool to Follow the Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery

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Buyer Beware: When It’s Not So Cool to Follow the Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery

Every generation has its “look.” Whether it’s the feathered headbands of the ‘20s, swing skirts of the ‘50s, or denim suspenders (overalls) of the ‘80s, there are particular themes and appearances that identify one decade from the next. The same can be true for makeup and even body trends. Curvy bodies were admired in the ‘20s, while the ‘50s and their cinched dresses emphasized tiny waists. The model waif that was en vogue just a decade later, in the ‘60s, re-emerged in the ‘80s, thanks to the stick-thin supermodel craze.

One of the current trends embraced by today’s teens and young adults is rather large derriere. Yes, the “butt implant” is all the rage now, thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, Blac Chyna (soon to be a Kardashian), Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj. Being a plastic surgeon, I naturally support all adult individuals who strive to look and feel their best. This sometimes involves plastic surgery, and I am happy to help.

This latest trend concerns me, however. I have lost count of how many young women have come through our front doors asking for butt implants.  This is a trend – a very extreme trend – that is not natural. Implants of any kind require serious consideration, as they carry many risks.  Women need to remember they are permanently altering their bodies for a look that may be out of style within the next few years.  After all, it is 2016. Who knows what the new ‘20s – the 2020s, that is – will bring?

Butt implants aren’t comparable to a shift in wardrobe or a makeup trend. If that $30 floral romper isn’t in style next summer, you can simply donate it, toss it or hang onto it and await its resurrection. Permanent plastic surgery, however, has a long-term effect on your body. These “trendy” or “designer” surgeries should cause legitimate concern for plastic surgeons everywhere.

As a mom to two young daughters, it scares me to see how easily influenced today’s youth can be by the celebrities of the minute – and the body parts or facial features they tout. Even temporary procedures, such as Botox to achieve Kendall Jenner’s brow arch, or Juvederm to mimic Kylie Jenner’s pout, is disconcerting. These products and procedures are meant to combat legitimate, visible signs of aging in older women. They are not meant as fix-all solutions to teenagers coming into their own who may be trying to cover normal insecurities with the popular look of the moment.

These looks can also be so unnatural, especially on girls so young. Luckily, injectables like Botox and Juvederm are not permanent, but that is not the point. These trends are setting a dangerous precedent and creating a slippery slope that scares me. As a mom, I cringe when I hear of these young girls going to such extreme measures, all in the interest of trendy vanity.

Teens, please remember your body is still changing. Just like the celebrities you idolize, you’re going through your own growing pains. Parents, we know it isn’t easy raising teenagers, especially in this media-saturated world (especially when it’s teenaged girls). But we, as professionals, implore you to think of the safety, health, happiness and ultimately long-term, undoubtedly bright future of your girls before you set foot in a plastic surgeon’s office hoping for the latest and greatest.

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