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Breast Trends for 2017

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Breast Trends for 2017

When spring rolls around, change is in the air — and sometimes that triggers big personal decisions, such as cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation is one of our most popular procedures, and many women find it’s a change that gives them more confidence. Most of our patients are mothers who are unhappy with sagging breasts and loose skin, which often are caused by breastfeeding after childbirth as well as hormonal changes over time. Our breast procedures can return them to a more balanced, shapely, and youthful appearance.

What’s right for you? Here are some current trends when it comes to breast augmentation:

When it comes to size, less is more. For decades, augmentation was all about bigger breasts. Today, however, we have noticed a shift toward reductions and lifts. If implants are required, they tend to be in the B- or C-cup range, rather than the double-D requests we would receive in the past. A smaller, more natural-looking appearance is what many women desire — to them, breast augmentation is about enhancing the assets they already have, and creating a more subtle look.

Lift and balance. One of Dr. Tenley Lawton’s specialties is what we call breast transformation or breast rejuvenation. These procedures simply lift the breasts to remedy sagging or balance the breast sizes to achieve greater symmetry. Many patients find breast rejuvenation creates a more youthful appearance, makes their clothes fit better, and allows them to exercise more freely. It all adds up to more confidence and self-esteem.

Breast procedures themselves have changed for the better over the years, too — Dr. Lawton’s techniques result in minimized scarring and pain management, and procedures are far easier than many patients expect. Typically, patients are up and about within 48 hours and back to normal daily activities shortly after that.

Would you feel more confident with rejuvenated breasts? Contact our office at (949) 640-0999 to schedule your consultation today.

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