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Breast Reduction Surgery: A New Trend for Today’s Female Athletes!

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Breast Reduction Surgery: A New Trend for Today’s Female Athletes!

Female athletes can face a major hurdle most of their male counterparts will never have to deal with: breasts. Or at least breasts ample enough to impede your peak performance if you’re an elite athlete.

If you look at many female gymnasts, figure skaters, runners, swimmers, etc., you will notice a resounding trend. Most are young, petite, with an almost pre-pubescent body in some circumstances. Despite generally low body fat percentages, there is one feature some female athletes just can’t escape, and that’s growing breasts. They can affect performance from puberty on, forever altering the way many women maneuver about as they compete in their given sport.

In addition to getting in the way on the competitive playing field, large breasts can also cause back pain for some athletes. There is also the embarrassment factor. It’s hard to compete at your highest level when you’re wearing two sports bras and hoping that guy in the audience is smirking at something else…not at you.

While there isn’t a lot that can be done through diet and exercise to prevent nature from taking over and breasts from forming, there is something you can do surgically. Breast reduction surgery can be a godsend for top-notch athletes.

Many athletes will opt to go from a D or larger to a small C, or from a B to an A cup. This surgery can be performed during the offseason when the player has a chance to rest, recuperate, and adjust to their new bodies.

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Tenley Lawton understand an athlete’s work is never done. She is happy to sit down with athletes of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to discuss their best options for both on-the-field performances, as well as practical life after the games are over.

Call our office today to discuss what you can do to potentially improve your performance through breast reduction surgery.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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