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Breast Augmentation, Lift, and Reduction: What are the Differences?

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Breast Augmentation, Lift, and Reduction: What are the Differences?

Breast augmentations, lifts, and reductions are surgical interventions designed to change the shape and appearance of your breasts, but they differ in important ways. 

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Breast Procedure Overviews

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tenley Lawton, provides the following procedures for patients at the clinic: 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure specifically tailored for women whose breasts are smaller than they’d like or have lost volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. The procedure enhances their shape using implants and restores their youthful fullness. 

Breast Lift

A breast lift – sometimes called a mastopexy – is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and returns breasts to a more youthful state, often by positioning them higher on the chest. Some breast lifts also involve a reduction in the size of the areola – the area around the nipple. 

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions – also called mammoplasties – are surgical interventions to reduce the overall size and volume of the breasts. Women often receive this type of surgery if the size of their breasts is preventing them from leading an active lifestyle.


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Which Procedure Are You a Candidate For?

When considering which procedure is best for you, you should consider the following: 

Consider Your Goals

The type of breast procedure you choose depends considerably on your goals. 

Women with excessively large breasts that prevent them from leading an active lifestyle might want to consider a breast reduction, while those looking for fuller breasts might benefit more from breast augmentation. Breast lifts are usually best for women who are unhappy with the current position of their breast tissue and would like to move it higher in the chest or make it more symmetrical. They help restore breasts that have become “pendulous” or sag below the breast crease when unsupported. 

Consider Your Current Physique

The type of surgery that you choose also depends considerably on your current physique. Ideally, you want breast surgery that not only improves the appearance of your breasts but also naturally complements the rest of your body. Increasing breast size, for instance, may not create the results you want if you have a smaller frame. 

Consider the Differences

Breast lift, augmentation, and reduction are three very different procedures. Breast augmentation requires adding material to the chest area, while a reduction involves removing it. A breast lift often simply involves working with existing breast tissue and changing its shape. 

Benefits of Breast Enhancing Surgeries

Choosing breast enhancing surgeries with Dr. Lawton offers a host of benefits. 

  • Greater body confidence: After pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts can change shape. Breast enhancement gives them back their original, youthful shape, giving you more body confidence. 
  • Improved comfort: Heavy, sagging, and pendulous breasts can create discomfort during aerobic activity. Breast reductions remove excessive weight, allowing you to follow a more active lifestyle.
  • More symmetry: Breast enhancements return symmetry to your breast tissue and counteract the effects of both aging and hormonal changes. 


*Individual Results May Vary


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