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Are you unhappy with your results?

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Are you unhappy with your results?

Technology has helped us make great advancements, but plastic surgery is still a human process — it’s performed by humans, on humans. And that means it isn’t always going to be perfect.

What’s the best way to achieve the results you want, and minimize the chances of a procedure that leaves you unsatisfied? Choosing the right surgeon — one that is board-certified and experienced, like Newport Beach’s Dr. Tenley Lawton.

Dr. Lawton regularly consults with patients who have had procedures performed by other surgeons months or even years earlier. And while some simply are seeking additional refinement due to continued aging, others truly need corrective action in order to rectify issues the first procedure should have addressed.

“It’s always a difficult situation when someone comes to me and they’re unhappy with a procedure they’ve had with another surgeon previously,” Dr. Lawton said. “My goal is to make them feel comfortable and explain their options — and what we’ll do to make sure they’re happy with the outcome this time.”

The issue is particularly problematic when it comes to noninvasive cosmetic procedures, such as facial rejuvenation. Many of these are performed by non-physicians, and even those who are doctors may not have a lot of experience in these procedures if their primary focus is operating a family practice, she added.

A 2014 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery reported that nearly half of dermatologic surgeons — board-certified physicians who specialize in skin — say the number of people coming to them for corrective procedures (after undergoing treatment elsewhere) has been on the rise.

Working with the right surgeon from the start can greatly reduce a patient’s chances of being forced to seek additional treatment. Contact Dr. Tenley Lawton today in Orange County for a consultation — whether you’re considering your first procedure or you want to discuss options to correct one you’ve had already.

You could say that the best “corrective” surgery of all is the initial procedure — if it’s done properly, after all, it should address the issue (or issues) you wanted it to, achieving the right look and feel without further surgeries.

Dr. Tenley Lawton, M.D.

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*Individual Results May Vary


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