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5 Ways a Breast Lift Can Enhance Your Life

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5 Ways a Breast Lift Can Enhance Your Life

It’s true that cosmetic surgery of any kind requires thoughtful decision making and a woman should take her time determining how to proceed. But the beauty of the breast lift cannot be understated. In many ways it’s the most natural cosmetic procedure you can get. There are many benefits to having a breast lift, and not all are limited to physical appearance! Here are five benefits of a breast lift:

  1. A renewed sense of confidence in your natural look: Breast lifts are not about “bigger is better” but rather about making what is naturally yours better than ever. This is the true beauty of the breast lift: re-establishing the natural shape of your breasts to help regain the firmness of breast skin for a beautiful figure and shape.
  2. Freedom from sagging, overly stretched-out breast tissue: A breast lift can free you of the burden of excess skin and tissue that has lost its bounce, elasticity and, yes, natural beauty. Many women look (and feel) older than they are after their breasts fall victim to gravity, let alone breast-feeding and genetic traits. A breast lift can help by restoring a natural curve and shape.
  3. More natural-looking silhouette: Because a breast lift does not involve implants, the body’s silhouette is enhanced, not by adding too the breast, but from removing excess tissue. In this way, a breast lift helps you rediscover your own beauty that has been there all along only hidden. By getting rid of extra skin, tissue and fat, a breast lift helps recreate your lovely and natural profile.
  4. Better posture, fewer aches: Due to sagging breasts, a woman may inadvertently slouch or roll her shoulders forward to try to cover up. Pregnancy and breast-feeding, though wonderful gifts, are hard on a woman’s body. Gravity doesn’t help, and time only adds to the overall droop of post pregnancy breasts, for example. A breast lift is one of the best ways to fight time, gravity, breast-feeding, and aging and emerge with breasts that look natural and younger.
  5. Flattering the Real You: Breasts reflect femininity, but if your main goal, due to sagging, drooping breasts, is to cover up, then you’re unable to express who you really are and how you feel. It’s sad when a woman feels they need to hide her body, and even sadder when she feels badly for wanting how she looks to reflect how she feels inside—youthful, lovely, full of life—with confidence.  A breast lift can add to a woman’s self-confidence by allowing her to no longer hide and show who she really is.

If you would like more information about how a breast lift can help you rediscover and reclaim your beauty—inside and out—let us set up a consultation with Dr. Tenley Lawton to discuss your options and how to proceed

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