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5 Things to Know About Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgery

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5 Things to Know About Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgery


Enlarged male breasts, or gynecomastia, can be a problem for men due to certain medications they’re taking or simply unlucky genetics. Fortunately, an easy solution exists. There are ways to permanently reverse this condition, resulting in smaller breasts and a more contoured chest. Many men aren’t aware there is help for this condition, however, which is why we did the work for you!

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Below are a few key facts you should know about gynecomastia surgery:

  • There are Two Types of Gynecomastia Procedures
    Not all gynecomastia surgeries are created equal. Though neither is better than the other, your surgeon may opt to perform a liposuction technique if there is excess fatty tissue in the chest region. If the surgeon feels it’s more strategic to cut out glandular breast tissue or excess skin, an excision, or removal, the technique may be used. This technique is also used if the nipple needs to be reduced or repositioned. Both techniques may be used in some circumstances, depending on the individual case.

  • Risks of Gynocomastia Procedure are Minimal (But Do Exist)
    Most men respond very well to breast reduction surgery, but as always, there are risks and complications. These mainly involve changes to the nipple’s appearance or sensation; nerve, muscle or blood vessel damage; deep vein thrombosis; infection at the surgical site; and scarring. Dr. Tenley Lawton is happy to discuss all risks with you prior to your male breast reduction surgery.

  • Recovery Tends to Involve Accessories
    Gynecomastia surgery is surgery, after all. The results are not instant and will be affected by post-surgery care, which usually lasts about one week. In addition to orders to rest and pain medication, you will likely be sent home with dressings or bandages that are applied to the incisions. An additional elastic band or support garment is also necessary to reduce swelling and support the new chest contouring. A drain may also be necessary to prevent the blood of fluids from pooling under the skin.

  • Results of Gynecomastia Surgery are Normally Permanent
    While certain procedures may need “touch-ups” over time, gynecomastia surgery results are generally permanent. The one caveat to this is weight gain. Much like liposuction, the results may become less permanent if the person’s body gains volume, as the excess pounds will be distributed all over the body. Certain medications may also cause male breasts to increase in size.

  • Dr. Lawton is Here to Help!
    Gynecomastia can be a source of embarrassment for some men, but it doesn’t need to be! Our staff is sensitive to your needs and concerns. We’re also well-versed in this condition and the proper procedures to correct it. Contact us today to knock one more worry off your plate!

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*Individual Results May Vary


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