3 Myths About Botox – Debunked!

Botox can be a godsend to many, as it instantly undoes years of scowling, frowning and furrowing. The age-old adage of “if you keep making that face it will stay like that” is no longer true, thanks to this wonderful injectable. Still, we’re sure you have questions or concerns if this is your first time using or considering this product.

Below are a few of the top “concerns” we hear – and why you shouldn’t worry about any of them!

  1. I’m Going to Get Botulism!
    Botox is an isolated segment of a botulinum protein derivative. That may sound unnecessarily complicated, but it’s really not. In short, Botox is made from a very specific aspect of botulinum. The derivative does not have the ability to give anyone botulism.
  2. I Won’t Be Able to Show Emotion
    We’re showing emotion right now at how many people believe this myth (yes, we’re not just injectors – we’re also clients!). Botox will not render your face frozen or emotionless. Expressive areas of the face like the eyes, cheeks and smile are not affected by Botox whatsoever. Though it’s injected in the forehead and between the eyes, Botox will generally not prevent you from raising your eyebrows. What it will do – thankfully – is diminish the ability to furrow your brow. Scowling and frowning tends to be what sends women and men into our office in search of a remedy. So we’re confident you’ll be okay with this result, namely, a decreased ability to walk around with a sour expression all day!
  3. The Injections are Painful
    Botox is an injectable and does involve the use of a needle – very small needle that penetrates just under the skin. Most patients experience little to no pain. Stress is also reduced because the procedure is normally performed with the patients eyes closed. Frowning with your eyes shut helps the practitioner best target the strong, problematic muscles. There are also numbing solutions and ice packs that can be applied beforehand. Ice is also useful after the fact.

Botox injections are so minimally invasive that most people return to their regular day within five minutes of the procedure. On top of that – the procedure only takes five minutes!

New injections and anything that may alter the appearance of the face (even if it’s an enhancement) can be scary for first-timers. That’s why Dr. Tenley Lawton and her team are here. Call us today to discuss Botox and its benefits further, and to put your fears to rest!


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