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Orange County Plastic Surgeon Testimonials

A week ago I underwent surgery. Don't worry I'm was elective. I decided to make it public because I know I'm not alone. After 2 pregnancies my body took a toll (don't get me wrong my girls were worth it) i just decided it was time to do something for me. the past few months I focused on losing any and all lingering baby weight.(who am I baby is 3) I consulted with my surgeon, boss and friend Dr. Tenley Lawton and together we came up with a plan. She agreed to a mommy makeover if I agreed to get to my goal weight. Deal or no deal were her exact words. i knew this was the only way to achieve the best results. with a lot of determination and support I dropped 27lbs. When i told my family the plan they were supportive but couldn't understand why I still wanted to have surgery after achieving my weight loss goal. when your 4'11, 27lbs lighter and sit down there is nothing sexy about rolls upon rolls of lose skin hanging over your pants and any mom that has nursed knows what happens to your breasts...not to mention breasts that have already been reduced once. When I looked in the mirror I still saw me 27lbs heavier and unattractive. I have seen so many success stories and happy mommies over the years working in this industry. I knew I was ready for this...something I've wanted for a long time and i knew Dr. Lawton was the one to make it happen. I have always said I could never do my job if I didn't believe in the surgeon I work for but to allow someone to operate on you takes this to a new level. I have never felt more confident in a decision. Her skills, expertise and bed side manner put any fear I might have had to ease and I was just excited. she took the time to meet with shawn to help him understand the procedure and answers his questions. She made the surgery make sense to him and he was finally on board. We should all be so lucky to work for someone that cares about their employees and patients they way Dr. Lawton dose. she touches so many life's on a daily bases and like the rest of her patients I am for ever grateful to her for believing in me, pushing me to be the very best I can be and teaching me anything is achievable if you believe in yourself.

Not everyone believes in plastic surgery but I'm here to tell you if it's used for the right reasons and at the right time in ones life it's so worth it! we all deserve to feel amazing.

Erin F.

Dear Dr. Lawton and Staff,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like a woman again! My entire experience with all of you has been extraordinary and I could not wish for more. Thank you Dr. Lawton for listening to my needs and creating what I wanted. You have the complete package: making patients feel comfortable, good listeners, professionalism, good rapport, and exceptional surgical skills. You girls are the BEST!

N. C.

Dr. Lawton has played a significant role in my self esteem and I am so grateful for her! Her approach is to enhance her clients' looks to their desire and her eye for detail ensures the most natural looking results and never an over-processed look. I had three babies in three years, so I was really looking for a surgeon who understood first hand what pregnancy does to a woman's body. Dr. Lawton is a mom and is very sensitive to the feelings women have about their bodies after childbirth. She took the time to really listen to me. She clearly understood my goals and delivered results that exceeded my expectations. Denise and Erin, the office staff, are just incredible! They are so reassuring and they made me feel comfortable every step of the way. The entire experience could not have been more pleasant. I am very satisfied with my choice to entrust Dr. Lawton and her staff with this very important decision in my life.

Kristin B

My experience at Dr. Lawton's office has always been outstanding. From the moment I set foot in the office, the warmth and kindness of the receptionist and the office manager put me at ease.

At my very first visit, Dr. Lawton made me feel very comfortable, she answered all my questions and took the time to explain my options. After the surgery and in all my subsequent visits, I always felt welcome and cared for. I knew I was in good hands and the results proved me right!

A cancer diagnosis and a double mastectomy can be a very scary experience. Dr. Lawton and her entire staff made this journey a lot easier for me. Not only am I extremely pleased with the results, but I'm also forever grateful for having had them on my side.

I urge all women needing breast reconstruction to consider Dr. Lawton as their plastic surgeon.

M. S.

As a patient, when you hear the words “breast cancer,” your heart stops for a moment and you feel the blood rush from your face.

Not long after receiving that news, I was in Dr. Tenley Lawton’s office. Dr. Lawton was warm yet knowledgeable as we began to discuss reconstructive surgery, options, and the perspectives regarding each option. It was a scary time but talking with her about all the personal details seemed easy. I felt my shoulders come down and I was soon keenly aware that I was in good hands, and with a very talented plastic surgeon.

Dr. Lawton explained all facets of the reconstruction clearly and by the day of the bi-lateral mastectomy, I felt extremely confident in her abilities. I was stunned as the surgery and recuperation were much more manageable than I had anticipated.

The surgeries that followed were absolute successes as well.

Dr. Lawton has an artistic eye coupled with a precision that produces beautiful results and reveals that she is truly a top notch plastic surgeon.

And her staff...

They are compassionate, caring, and always professional, yet I felt as if they were my friends throughout this entire journey. I actually looked forward to my doctor’s appointments!

I thank the entire staff for guiding me through this unforgettable time in my life.

I feel so very lucky to have been under Dr. Lawton’s care.

With much appreciation and warm regard,


Dear Dr Lawton:

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the results of my recent lower eyelid surgery. The puffiness I had prior to the operation has been eliminated and I look much more rested. My recovery was quick and I experienced almost no bruising of my lower lids. Overall, the experience at the office was also wonderful. The staff made me feel very comfortable and was willing to go the extra mile to ensure that my experience was a positive one. I have recommended you to friends and family who are considering plastic surgery. Thanks for a great experience.


When I first considered having breast implants the process seemed overwhelming. You hear stories of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. So how do you find a surgeon you trust with your life? I met Dr Lawton through friends and just started asking her questions regarding the process. Dr Lawton immediately made me feel comfortable talking about something I was embarrassed about, my small saggy post-nursing breasts. Dr Lawton was quite frank about the possibility of change for me. At my request we met in consultation and she educated me about the procedure in general, the various avenues of inserting the implants, and websites that would be helpful for me to learn more about the procedure. Dr Lawton even gave me names of several other plastic surgeons to contact for information and consultations.

Once I decided on Dr Lawton as my surgeon, we met again in consultation. She spent a great deal of time answering all of my questions there in the office, and was also available by phone for further questions that arose after our meeting. Dr Lawton always answered my questions medically, and then made sure I knew what that meant in laymen's terms.

On the day of surgery, Dr Lawton was great. She explained everything that was going to happen in the operating room. When I was in recovery she spent time with my husband discussing the operation and telling him that I was doing well. Dr Lawton met with me again prior to me leaving the hospital.

Any decision to have plastic surgery is a serious decision and having Dr Lawton as my surgeon was a great choice. I have recommended her to many.


I cannot say enough about the skill and professionalism of Dr. Lawton and her staff. I previously had an appointment with another surgeon and began feeling uncomfortable about my decision to have breast augmentation surgery. Upon my consultation with Dr. Lawton, I immediately felt at ease. She gave me more information about the surgery and what to expect than I could have imagined. Dr. Lawton was understanding of my concerns and genuinely cares for her patients on a personal level. Not only is her staff kind, the office environment is light and easy. My surgery was a pleasant experience and my results are absolutely amazing!

M.G., Las Vegas, NV

Due to high recommendations, I traveled from Michigan to California to consult with Dr. Lawton regarding breast augmentation. After meeting with her I felt very confident that she was indeed the right person to perform the surgery. My comfort level with Dr. Lawton made a previously difficult decision quite easy. I really appreciate the time that her & her kind, educated staff spent with me to put my mind at ease. She listened carefully to my wishes & delivered spectacular results. I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience, thank you Dr. Lawton!

L.V., Brighton, MI

Dr. Lawton

In a world where professionalism and personalization seems to diminish a little every day the word to describe you and your staff is: incredible. From my first phone call to schedule a consult I experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism and friendliness. I researched for weeks and spoke with other plastic surgery offices about liposuction before I chose you. My original concern regarding the nature of my surgery soon vanished with each and every staff member that I came into contact with at your office. Everyone made me feel completely at ease with the medical procedure itself as well as every step in the process prior to and after surgery. Each detail of the surgery process was made clear to me well in advance and everything throughout the entire process went smoothly from start to finish. The whole experience was seamless. Thank you for being patient with me and addressing all of my questions.

It's only been a month and I am amazed at the curves I have in places I didn’t know was possible. It's great to catch my husband taking those sideway glances again. I feel so good about how the surgery turned out I actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning. No more standing in my closet forlorn at the fact I looked out of proportion. My clothes are fitting so much better!

The most convincing testimonial that I can offer in support of your impressive practice is the fact that I have told all of my friends and encouraged them to work with you Dr. Lawton for any cosmetic surgeries that they may be entertaining. I will certainly use you again for any future cosmetic enhancements that might come up during this wonderful aging process.

A VERY satified patient

Christine R.

Although I was reeling from the shock of a breast cancer diagnosis, I was blessed to find myself in the hands of two highly capable surgeons - my breast surgeon at Hoag Hospital and my plastic surgeon, Dr. Tenley Lawton.

From my first meeting with Dr. Lawton, I was impressed by her progressive attitude to work side by side with my breast surgeon, Dr. Lisa Guerra. The two of them came together at Hoag to perform my surgery, Dr. Guerra performing the lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy, and Dr. Lawton performed the breast reconstruction.

With one night in the hospital, and Dr. Lawton's personal care and attention, my surgery was very successful (and I had no pain!).

Not only am I thrilled with the cosmetic results, the other doctors involved in my healing process have been absolutely amazed by the results.

Thank you, Dr. Lawton, for walking through this challenging time with me and for making me look and feel younger.

Following my double mastectomy, I was so relieved and grateful to have Dr. Lawton as my plastic surgeon for reconstruction. She made me feel so comfortable, it felt more like she was a lifelong friend or sister that I knew would have my health, safety and best interests priority. At the same time, she offered superior professionalism alongside her exceptional bedside manner. Obviously, breast cancer and its ramifications are extremely stressful, so having a doctor with whom I felt so at ease, was a Godsend. My sincerest gratitude, Dr. Lawton.